At different stages of life, we need money for different reasons. Sometimes, the things we want to do involves a huge sum of money. It can be to start a business, to expand a business, to make an investment, to buy a property, and others.

Unless you are independently wealthy enough to fund and support the things you want to accomplish in life, at some point in your life, you may need to seek for financial aid.

Creativity, resourcefulness, and networking will play a pivotal role in determining the success of your financial assistance. Without thinking of different solutions, people will just usually turn to the nearest banks for financial assistance. Actually, there are a whole lot of financial solutions out there.

When people seek for financial aid from banks, they often faced similar problems. Imagine this, you are in need of emergency funds, but yet your loan applications are persistently rejected by the banks. Or the banks are asking you a ton of questions that are only wasting your time and not approving your loan. It can be frustrating, isn’t it?

Banks are banks, they are just made from brick and mortar. They do not feel you or understand you. They only know how to follow a fixed procedure that has never changed since probably the last decade.

Creative finance methods that you should consider

To get the cash you need, you will need to do some creative finance.

Creative finance is when you use some alternative methods or non-traditional means to raise the money you need. However, do note that this is different from “creative financing”, which is a term often used by property investors when they purchase multiple properties through leveraging.

We have made a list of the top creative finance methods that you can refer to and use when you need some financial assistance.

1. Friends and families

Friends and families are the closest people in our lives. It may be the immediate second option to most people if they have failed to get a loan from the bank.

However, this may not be the cup of tea for everyone due to various reasons. If possible, do consider this option if you have family members or friends that are financially strong. After all, they are the most trustable people in your life.

Here are the advantages of getting financial help from your family and friends.

  • More flexibilityLife is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what will happen next. The unexpected often happens out of the blue and sometimes, it can cause you to face difficulties when meeting your monthly payments. If this happens and you are on a traditional bank loan, you may be in trouble as banks do not negotiate easily. While friends and family members are more understanding towards your challenges and what you are going through, they may cut you some slack and allow you to pay in the following month or so.
  • Lower interest rateBanks may charge you a much higher interest rate to compensate for their risk especially when your credit score is below average. But for friends and family, they have known you for all your life. They may be more than willing to lend you the fund at a relatively lower interest rate or even interest-free!
  • Mutual benefitEvery loan offered in the market by any party will have an interest rate that earns the lender a profit. Instead of benefitting someone else, why not pay the loan interest to your friends and family? Just like an investment, they will be happy to gain some return from their capital from you.

2. Credit cards

Credit cards are probably the easiest way to get some instant cash. It is easily available to you and it is a method that requires the least time to solve your financial problem. However, credit cards often have an extremely high-interest rate.

Do not let the high-interest rate put you off. Do take a look at the advantages of credit cards and make your decision later.

  • Can be applied easily with very few restrictions.
  • You will only need to repay the amount you borrowed if you pay on time.
  • You will not be forced to pay the full amount you have borrowed as there is an option for you to just pay a minimum fee required
  • Earn point rewards or cash back through the credits you have made

3. Private lenders

Some people may cringe at the suggestion of taking a loan from private lenders. But if you did your research properly, you will know that private lenders may be one of your better options among the others.

Here are some huge advantages of getting financial assistance from private lenders that will change your mind.

  • Lesser requirements and paperworkWith lesser requirements, it also means that your loan approval rates are much higher. Traditional loans will usually have a long list of terms and conditions that you are required to fulfill. This will only slash your chances of obtaining a loan. Another thing that deters people from applying for loans is the pile of paperwork that you need to go through and sign. It is lengthy, long-winded, and time-consuming. Private lenders such as Finsource Credit have streamlined this process so that you have fewer papers to sign and can get the money you need quickly.
  • Flexible loan structureWith a private lender like Finsource Credit, almost everything is negotiable. Every variable from the interest rate, loaning fee, and application requirements are flexible. Private lenders are very flexible and can tailor their loan structure according to your needs. Not so bad after all right? Other than that, they have quick approval time and interest rates are much lower than credit cards. You also do not need to worry if the money involved will somehow affect the relationship with your close ones.

Remember, if you need any sort of immediate financial solutions, you can always look for Finsource Credit.

Finsource Credit offers up to three types of loans that suit your needs, such as clean loans, property loans, 2 in 1 financing.

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