With the help of a trusted financial advisor, getting to where you want to wouldn’t be a matter of how but when instead.

Establishing a relationship with a financial advisor allows them to assess your circumstances and develop a comprehensive plan personalized for you. Sudden financial changes can throw you off track instantly and the willingness to invest some time into getting the advice you need may turn out to be the thing that makes you or break you.

Backed by the public listed Sunzen Biotech Bhd. and licensed under the provisions of the Malaysian Government Money Lenders Act 1951, Finsource Credit is committed to providing convenient, efficient and attainable financing solutions to SMEs that are currently underserved by banking institutions.

Here’s why Finsource Credit is the solution you need.

1) Truthful and transparent

If it’s incomplete, we don’t send it out. We strive to provide nothing less than a 360-degree view of all you need to know about our products in order for you to make the right decision. With trusted experts on the specific loans, we provide top notch advice and transparent deals that just might be the deal for you.

2) We own our actions

Adhering to responsible practices in providing financing, we ensure our customers borrow withing their capacity. As an alternative banking for your business, we manage uncertainty and boost your cash flow with flexible funding; however, we are diligent and responsible when you put pen to paper and will have important data to back up whatever service we choose to provide to you with.

3) Confidentiality

The privacy and security of our customers are one of our most utmost concerns; when a customer trusts us with important information, we are sure to never disclose that information and are extremely stern about how it is used.

4) Personalized

Each of our loan structure is design to meet various kinds of financial purposes. We reimagine financing with loans such as the 2 in 1 financing that allows you to lend up to 100% of your asset’s market value even if you still have loans with other banks.

Like what you’ve been reading so far? We get it it’s tough to fund a business finances especially when a pandemic is taking the world by storm; looking for cash but having a hard time getting them? Here’s another 5 ways recommended by Finsource Credit to fund your business cashflow!

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