Do you have a great business idea that you have been dreaming or planning on bringing to life? We understand. Ideas are still ideas if they are not executed well. The potential of starting a business can seem overwhelming. However, you can turn the business idea into a thriving career with the right direction and thoughtful planning. The question is, where to begin? We will discuss more ways of how to turn your idea into a reality.

Step 1, Do some soul searching.

Before you plan on investing time and money into the business, take a moment to assess what is the reason you want to become a business owner. If your reason is just to quit your current job as it is too stressful, you might have to think twice. As many unexpected challenges come along when starting a business from scratch, you need to be prepared to face them no matter the situation.

Step 2, Solidify the idea.

You need to think about how to make it successful. Are you addressing a particular need for an existing set of customers? Are you different from your competition in terms of skills, interests, or experience? Noting down all these will not only help to motivate but also serve to prepare you for writing a business plan.

Step 3, Look out for competition.

It does not matter how original you think your idea is, there will be someone out there doing something similar. This is where you need to put in the work, spend time researching your target industry and its success rates. Moreover, you should also survey potential customers for your business to figure out how you can meet their needs.

Step 4, Test the idea.

To get customers’ honest feedback, you need to run promotions such as doing a trial run by offering your products or services to a few potential customers for free. This helps you to determine what works – what doesn’t – before you launch your business. This type of information can also go into the business plan.

Step 5, Create a business plan.

Take everything you’ve done – the market research, reasons for starting a business, and feedback from others and turn it into a business plan. Now you will have your goals to look forward to once you have started your business.

Step 6, Secure funding.

Now that there is a business plan in place, focusing on financing your business is the next crucial step. Unless there is a lump sum of inheritance, you need to look for fundings. Usually pitching to family and friends for a potential loan is enough, but if you are looking for more funding you might have to apply for a business loan from private lenders/investors.

Step 7, Make it legal.

Getting the basic legalities in order is also very important before taking on any customers. Choose a business type (e.g. PLC, partnership), decide on a name, and register the business with your municipality. A federal and state tax ID is also a requisite. Depending on your line of work, you also need to acquire a permit, license, copyrights, trademarks, or patents. Last but not least, to open a business banking account.

Step 8, Get to work.

This final step only requires your action which may be the most daunting part: acquiring clients and exceeding their expectations. Once your business is up and running, constantly ask for feedback from your customers to improve your products or services. Keep in mind that mistakes will happen, most importantly is you learn from them. A lot of work must be done to get to this point but there’s always still room for improvement.

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