Maybe you’re thinking of starting a new business venture or already have a business but intend on expanding to further horizons. Without the resources, your plan would always remain a plan, here’s where the top 5 business loans in Malaysia comes in.

With the help of these lenders, you’d be able to turn ideas into reality and transform realities into possibilities for your business. The problem is also that there’s so many varieties out there that you’re left there wondering which to even go with most of the time.

Malaysia thrives at being one of the most booming business and investment hubs throughout Southeast Asia. Even with the positive world recognition, local start-ups are still struggling with the funding of their business and even more so with this pandemic.

To help you get the fundings you need, we’ve did all the hard work for you and compiled all the top options in 2021. With this list of best business loans, you’ll no longer have to put your business ventures on hold.

1. Finsource Credit Clean Loan

Favourable rates and reasonable terms, it makes more sense to apply for this first loan when time to funds just takes less then 10 business days. Lend up to RM500,000 and pay your dues with interest rates as low as 1.5% per month across 18 months.

Eligible for sole proprietorships, partnerships, private limited companies, you’d be good for one as long as you’re a Malaysian-owned, have three years minimum in operation and an annual revenue of RM1 million.

Also be sure to have at least two personal guarantors, have no outstanding legal action, bankruptcy and litigation and you’re good to go. All you have to do next is to contact us here to apply!

Now that you’re here, you probably know by now that most business loans require a leverage that secures your loan. What are you going to put up as collateral though?

You could try to mortgage your residential or commercial property to get the funding you need. By leveraging against you property’s value to fulfil your business and financial needs, you get to increase your return of investment.

Although, there are a few things to watch out for such as counting on high levels of appreciation, choosing an overly high amount, bad purchases and forgetting about cash flow. With that in mind, that brings us to our second best loan…

2. Finsource Credit Property Loan

Good rates on even greater terms, you get up to 10 million and as low as 10.8% interest rate per annum when approved. Finance up to 10 years and get your funds approved and delivered to you within 10 business days.

Eligible for sole proprietorships, partnerships, private limited companies, you’d be good for one as long as you’re a Malaysian-owned, have three years minimum in operation and an annual revenue of RM1 million.

Thinking of starting a new business venture or need the capital to expand your business? Put your residential or commercial property to good use and get a hassle-free funding today!

We’ve got a clean and property loan, we’re now going to move on to obtaining finances upfront from a third party, backed through expected cashflow from their invoices on products and services delivered.

You get to leverage unpaid invoices, giving you an instant cash injection into a business.

3. OCBC Invoice Financing

A flexible financing solution, OCBC’s invoice financing allows you to keep the cash flow moving and business running while you free up funds for other business purposes such as payroll, purchases or to simply improve your cash flow.

All you have to do once meeting the requirements is to, submit an application with supporting trade documents, wait for them to provide the financing while you repay the loan at the said maturity date.

On top of a same-day application process and a late cut-off time for greater flexibility, you also have the option to make partial or early settlement. Click here to apply and free up funds for your business today.

Also referred to as a bridge or interim financing, gap financing refers to a short-term loan for metting an immediate financial obligation. Until sufficient funds to finance the longer-term financial need is acquired, gap financing carries a higher cost to the borrower and is best to meet short-term cash flow needs.

Bridging the funding gap between surviving and thriving, you can use gap financing when your business is stuck in an awkward financial position. With it, you gain access to valuable capital that would get you through the tough times.

4. Maybank2u Bridging Loan

A service to help ease your cash flow during the construction period pending receipt of proceeds from end purchasers or their end-financiers. You get to enjoy a standby source of funds whenever required with a resource that is available 24/7 when properly utilized.

Repayments are generally from the redemption sum payable for each unit sold and funds are released progressively against architect certificates of work done.

Saving the best for last, a 2 in 1 financing simply combines two great loans into one for the highest loan-to-value for your pledged asset.

Can’t decide between a property loan or clean lean? This is where a 2 in 1 financing comes in.

5. Finsource Credit 2 in 1 Financing

Borrow up to 120% of your property’s market value with our innovative financing solution that combined a traditional property loan with a clean loan.

You can obtain a financing amount equivalent to 80% of the market value of your pledged property through our property loan, while the remaining 40% will be funded through the clean loan.

When approved you are able to get up to 10 million while interest rates are 1% per month for the property loan and 1.5% per month for the clean loan. With both loans combined, your financing tenure can be as many as 96 months while time to funds stay within just 10 business days.

Read here to know more about the requirements for applying and contact us here when you’ve met them.

Finsource Credit not only offers five different loans and financing, but also provides credit counseling from experts in its advisors!

With a clean loan, property loan, 2 in 1 financing, gap financing and invoice financing suited to meet your financial needs, our loan advisors are ready for your questions 24/7, contact us today to learn more about how we can be off assistance to your financing needs.

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